7 Super Easy Tips to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

Whenever you see your smartphone notifications, don’t you open the ones with the most catchy lines? I bet you do. Similar is the case with emails that we receive in bulk from various brands and organizations on a daily basis. We end up reading the ones with emergency or attractive headlines indicating profit.

In a survey, 47% of marketerssaid that they always test different email lines to optimize their emails’ performance. Crafting impactful email headers might seem like a small job, but it requires a lot of attention as they are the first impressions that your recipients have of you and you can improve your conversion ratio.

Do you want your email to be read every time you send it? Do you want to prevent your emails from going to spam or trash? Read-our-tried-and-tested tips to boost your engagement. 

  1. Keep it Short, Sweet and Simple

“80% of email users are expected to access their email accounts via a mobile device by the end of 2018. (Radicati, 2018) (Source:”

Nobody likes to read paragraph-length headlines. This is why we recommend businesses to subject lines with less than 50 characters. This is to ensure that people scanning emails can read the entire subject line of your email.

If you are unable to create short headlines, here’s what you should do-segregate the words that matter less, and remove unwanted details.

For instance- “Take your first step towards Happiness.” is better than “Sign up to our app and take your first step towards happiness.”

  1. Do Not Keep ‘no-reply’ as Sender Name

It is human nature that people hesitate while talking to or meeting strangers. And since the fear of fraud hovers over the minds of people, they hesitate in opening the emails received from unfamiliar senders. Also not many people like getting assistance from robots.

That is why we suggest you avoid using email addresses with names like this ‘’. It makes your email look less personable and prevents people from adding you to the list of their address book. So, better you personalize your email address by adding your name to it.

  1. Don’t Commitments What You Don’t Mean

Does your email subject line make promises to your readers about delivering too much in the message? If it does, make sure that you stay true to your words. If you try to get your readers to open your mail by making false commitments, chances are your mail will be trashed or spammed. You will also lose trust from your audience.

  1. Easy-to-Comprehend Subject Lines

Do you know people scan their mailbox in less than even 30 seconds?

It means your subject line must be strong enough to outdo others. Not only does the line have to be short, simple and sweet but also they must be easy to comprehend at the same time. It is better to write the headline in concise language than the flowery and complex one.

Even if you want to get creative to entice your audience, do not go overboard with it. Else get ready to see if your email goes unchecked or spammed.

  1. Use Action-Oriented Verbs

If you have no idea, know that subject lines act as Call-to-Actions for your mail. You want to inspire people to open your mail and give it a read. Therefore, subject lines starting with or containing action-oriented verbs are a lot more interesting than the ones written without them. Trust us, you will experience an appreciable positive change at the click-through rate.

  1. Create Value, Urgency, and Curiosity

“Hurry! Grab the Opportunity.”,

“Take it or Miss it”,

 “Open this Email and Unveil the Cashback!” etc.

Headlines like these are sure to grab the attention of customers. Why? They indicate curiosity, a sense of emergency and value to the customers.

We are not asking you to use the exact headlines in your headlines, these are just some good examples of making your headlines interesting and curious enough.

  1. Last but not Least, Personalization

If the subscribers in your mail are not the same, then why should you send the same email to all of them? What we mean to say is to ace email marketing and increase your click-through-rate and personalize your emails.

How can you do that? Address your subscribers by their names, learn about their preferences, jobs, likes, and dislikes and create the content as per their requirements.


Coming up with a catchy headline is not difficult, you just need to know your audience, their requirements, and interests. Let your creative juices flow, keep the points explained above in mind and create headlines that can’t go ignored. For your reference, ease and better understanding, we have some catchy email subject lines for you-

“Claim your reward now!”

“Image pins you will love.”

“Sweeten this occasion with unlimited offers”

“Trending and important content rules you need to know”

“Open me for the opportunity” and more.

Whatever you do, write or convey, the ultimate goal is to compel your users to click it and open it. We hope this article will help you achieve your goals. Good luck!

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