Cheap Handmade products of Indycult

Cheap handmade products of Indycult are here now. You can buy the handmade product online

Butterfly Candle Flowers Attracting to Glass Chimneys

Cheap Handmade products include candle lamp mini decorated glass fireplace to prevent the candle from burning and the candle for many hours.

Make your night different, special, unique with our handcrafted glass fireplace

  • Material: glass, recycled paper wrap, glitter
  • Size: Diameter- 8 cm Height: 8 cm
  • Use: Easy to use, delicate

The handmade candle lamp chimneys to make the candles special at night, when the candles float on the floor of the illuminated paper and decorate them, create a unique, stylish, smooth atmosphere.

Each piece is lovingly crafted to make your night special, to order it today, and to make your night beautiful

Open shell tortoise Ash Shaw tray art piece

The piece of art is made of clay of natural clay, made by an unidentified disciplinarian who, lovingly and refined, baked it into a furnace so that it could be for years to come, and then painted with emotion.

Indycult – Handicraft Art Studio is offering handmade, eco-friendly, clay art pieces for you by giving the following details.

  • Art piece length: 14 cm
  • Width of the art piece: 11 cm
  • Height of art piece: 18 cm


Take care of your ashes with our hardbound open-shell tortoise shot

We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but we smoke when we are having a party or in life, and to that extent, say “gold first cigarette” and “good morning cigarette”

And we use anything to smoke cigarettes, especially if smoke is out, people keep ashes in and around themselves, but don’t think this is a bad way, you know, to avoid messing up their cities to take and use their h-shots automatically.

The wide-open mouth of the art piece makes it easy to put your cigarette ash in the tray and prevent it from leaving the tray.

 Kung Fu Panda Character-Based Paper Matches Art Piece for Door Eyepieces

  • Thickness: Panda – 3 cm
  • Length: Panda-15.5 cm
  • Width: Panda -10.5 cm
  • How to use:Back and easy and easy, sticky tape to make it easier.
  • Paint: Painted with enamel paint.

 Each eyebrow piece is hand made so they can be slightly changed


  • Name: Kung Fu Panda Character-Based Paper Mash Art for Peace Door Eyes
  • Materials used: Paper Mache clay

 Made of recycled old garbage newspaper matches to adorn the eye of the eye

 The hole in the eye of the door is the place where the waiting of loved ones ends, the first sight of the person after seeing through the eyelashes gives immense happiness and satisfaction.

 And to enhance and surprise the experience, we have created a unique, beautiful, handcrafted solid 1cm thick paper Mache eye hole art piece that beautified the door.

 Each IPS is handcrafted specifically for you, so order it today and make the first-look experience special.

 Buy handmade product online today at and get the chance to get free planting on your behalf. !!

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