How to get the ISO certification?

How to get the ISO certification?

If you possess a bit of knowledge about the corporate or business world, then the chances are that you must have heard about the ISO certification. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. International Organization for Standardization is an independent organization that determines the different standards in terms of safety, efficiency, and quality of the services as well as products manufactured by the businesses. The competition has become so intense in the business world that it has become an important thing to provide high-quality products and services to the customers if any of the business wants to survive in the market. ISO certification helps the businesses to enhance the overall efficiency and credibility of the business organization. You can get the help of any ISO 9001 Consultants in Chennai to get the certification. In this article, we are going to discuss how to get the ISO certification for your business. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Pre-requisite to ISO certification process in India

  • Choosing the ISO certification type: the First step which you need to perform is to choose the ISO certification type for your business. There are different kinds of ISO certifications available such as ISO 9001 2008- Quality management, ISO 14001- Environmental management, ISO 27001- Information security management, etc.
  • choosing the ISO certification body: It is important to know that the ISO certification is given by the external bodies and not by the ISO itself. So, you must choose a credible certification body. While choosing an ISO registrar, the businessman has to keep a lot of things in mind.

Process of ISO certification

  • Create an application/contract: First of all, the applicant and the registrar enters into a contract and the contract defines all the rights and the obligations of both parties.
  • Quality documents review: In the next step, the ISO auditor will verify all the documents and quality manuals related to the various procedures and policies being followed by your organization. This review will help the auditor in identifying any kind of gap between the existing policies and the required ISO standards.
  • Make an action plan: In this step, the auditor tells the businessman about the gaps in the organization regarding the criteria which they need to fulfill and then the businessman makes an action plan to eliminate all those gaps. A list of all the tasks which are required to be performed in order to bring the desired changes in the organization is prepared.
  • Initial certification audit: This step is divided into two stages.

Stage 1– In this stage, the ISO auditor will audit the changes which have been made by the businessman in the organization and will also try to identify the non-conformities in the system. The applicant must assess all the non-conformities carefully and should get them aligned as per the desired standards through the necessary modifications in the processes and techniques.

Stage 2– After all the final changes have been made in the organization, the auditor does the final auditing. When the ISO auditor is fully satisfied that there is no non-conformity in the system, then he prepares the ISO audit report and forwards it to the registrar.

  • Completing the ISO certification: After addressing all the non-conformities and putting all the findings in the ISO audit report, the registrar will grant to the businessman the ISO certificate.
  • Surveillance audits: This is basically conducted by the auditor in order to ensure that whether the ISO quality standards are being maintained by the organization or not. It is conducted at regular intervals of time.

This was the procedure to get the ISO Certification in Chennai.

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