Is Shipping Easy for textile Packaging in 2019?

Is Shipping Easy for textile Packaging in 2019

Textile boxes require proper planning on how to pack and what shape, size, and custom design must be chosen to do secure but branded shipping. Cardboard indeed!

Cardboard is the most trustworthy material for textile boxes as protection is the most considerable factor for dress packaging. Textile is a luxury product and holds a very deep place in the hearts of the people. Corrugated cardboard gives the most functional and sustainable packaging because it is made up of recycled paper or wood pulp that makes it flexible and eco-friendly. It is bio-degradable and recyclable. Paperboard packaging is the only packaging that is the high end yet cheaper than any other alternative packaging solution. Wholesale gives the lowest possible rates to the customers without compromising the quality of the boxes.

Fashion products are not the necessity but luxury that makes it more demanding in being attractive and up to the standard as it is what people pay extra for. The world has gone digital and there are as many e-commerce businesses as shop retailers for textile. Shipping clothes poses a lot of unique challenges like protection without compromising the aesthetic appeal of the boxes along with branding and marketing at the same time. Here is your guide at service to give you a detailed tour on how to ship clothes most efficiently without spending a fortune just on shipping.


Before going into the basic it calls for some basic knowledge that is how to pack clothes, properly. Proper packaging not only calls for protection of your product but also affect the whole shipping process and the cost.

Well, the good news is that clothes are one of the easiest items to pack as they are not fragile, have any sharp edges, or break.

2019 has made it easiest to pack textile effectively because of customization.

In What To Pack:

Let’s start from the most important thing that makes a box, material. It is important to choose the right type of material for the boxes because paperboard comes in a wide range of strength and grades that vary in quality and price.

Material That Counts For Protection 

Benefit: Latest customization techniques and advancement in technology plus the social needs and demands have made it easy to choose the boxes that perfectly protect your products along with stylish and attractive appearance. 

  •      Cardboard boxes

The two main categories of packaging boxes are regular packaging boxes that you normally see everywhere. They are strong and sturdy yet very affordable in terms of customization and production plus durability and functionality along with high-end designing and printing.

  •      Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated cardboard is the strongest of them all and is the finest in texture and quality. They are different from other boxes because of their manufacturing. It is made by the process of layering or sandwiching. A fluted sheet of cardboard is sandwiched between regular cardboard that is generally known as liner. By increasing the number of layers you can increase the thickness and strength of the boxes for the most effective textile packaging.

Functional Boxes

Benefit: It gives the proper packaging that is very easy and convenient to use, pack or unpack. These boxes also serve as storage boxes and are easy to handle. 

Custom cardboard boxes are very flexible and it is possible to give them any shape and size that make their mark in the market because of their uniqueness. Cardboard boxes do not lose their strength because of the shapes as they are manufactured using the die-cutting technique that gives these boxes default tabs and flaps that interlocks with each other giving a more secure packaging.

They can also be used as textile storage boxes because of their strength and aesthetic appeal.

Just like textile light box provide a better and consistent space to check or photograph the products. packaging boxes give space to be creative and innovative.

The Face of The Business

Benefit: Custom designed shipping boxes help in creating a more trustworthy and long terms relationship between the customers and the brand. It also helps in advertising of the brand and reinforcement as well. These boxes, unlike old traditional boxes, give attractive and brand-oriented packaging like custom colors that are the essence of the brand, custom logo, company name, information related to the product and the company creates brand awareness. Customers love to receive printed packaging boxes after all that wait and it also develops a long term positive relationship.

What is better than having a professional image in the market?

Save to survive

Benefit: Value-added bonus in building a better reputation in the market.

Cardboard packaging is the most sustainable packaging solution than any other alternative materials that are used for the packing of the product. It decomposes itself with natural bacterial activity. It is made up of recycled paper and is further recyclable as many times as required.

Customization has made it very easy for the companies to ship their products in the most secure and trendy boxes like corrugated fiberboard boxes that instantly grab the attention of the customers and promote the product in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

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