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Business process outsourcing or BPO is the stream of contracting or outsourcing the non-primary business activities and functions to a third party provider. The BPO services of a company include payroll management, accounting, customer and call center relations and human resources. Business process outsourcing or BPO is also known as Information technology enables services or ITES. There are two broad categories of BPO services, namely front office customer services such as tech support and back office business functions such as billing.

Nature of BPO jobs:

  • BPO jobs enhance business process speed and efficiency.
  • With the help of BPO jobs, business managers are able to invest more time with their core business strategies, so as to bolster their competitive advantage and to enhance their value chain engagement.
  • With the help of BPO services, organizational growth increases.
  • Organizations are not required to invest in unrelated primary business strategy assets, thus facilitating a shift in the focus to specific competencies.

Types of BPO jobs:

There are generally two kinds of Business process outsourcing jobs, namely voice based and non-voice based BPO jobs. Data entry operator, document recorder kind of jobs comes under a non-voice based category. Also these jobs require basic computer knowledge along with moderate educational qualifications.

The voice based BPO jobs include customer care representatives, tele callers, billing desk executives, finance consulting services etc. Such type of jobs demands high communication skills with excellent verbal fluency and specific language modulations such as US and UK English.

The major sectors of outsourcing are medical and health services, IT and communication, Finance, Insurance, Law and jurisdiction. But the jobs demand to work in the night and in late evenings so as to match the work timings of the US and UK processes.

BPO jobs can also be categorized as inbound and outbound all centers. An inbound call center will only receive calls, whereas an outbound call center will place calls. Generally, inbound call centers function as the service department of a company and the outbound call centers handle the service department. Generally, the different types of BPOs fall under the following five different categories,

  • Administrative department
  • Selling department
  • Call center
  • Purchase department
  • Back office

Nature of the BPO job:

The voice processing BPO jobs requires the employee to take up calls, and it is important for them to have excellent communication skills and average computer skills. They should also be able to solve the queries of the customers quickly. They need to have good listening skills as well and be able to speak in a neutral accent.

In the non-voice process bpo call center job, the person is required to take up administrative operations and work. Thus the professionals are required to create reports, send mails and do data entry in the prescribed software. Some BPO jobs can be a mixture of both of them.


The BPO industry has been a major employer for graduates in India. Even after simple art and science degree graduate is able to earn few thousand every months, only by making use of their English proficiency.

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