Quick Easy to use and Free of Cost Android Video Downloading Applications

Vidmate apk download install

There are diverse applications that you have in your android device but when it comes to the quality ones, you just skip them. You think that good applications are always the paid ones. Well, you are incorrect. There are different video applications that are absolutely free of cost and commendable. In case you haven’t explored the options yet, you must do it now. Have a quick look at some of the most valued and free android video applications for your android phone or device.


Android video Downloader (AVD) is an interesting application that possesses extremely easy to use interface. The application permits you to download any type of videos from diverse sites. You can easily watch and download any flash videos through it. The video application is of no cost and you can quickly browse videos and download them inside the app. the application does track the present downloading status. Unfortunately, there is one disadvantage of this application that it is not compatible with YouTube. Otherwise, the application won’t disappoint you anywhere for sure.

Media Tap

This is another stirring application for downloading videos. Media Tap is considered to be one of the most excellent downloading platforms for Android. As the name says it all, you can easily get any media file. You can download even any kind of photo, mp3, document or even video file using media tap. In this manner you not just get the videos that you prefer but all other documents too that you could crave for.

Vidmate app

It is an excellent Video application for everybody who loves to watch different types of videos that too without much effort. The app gets you the ease to watch and download any videos from any type of platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Dailymotion, YouTube, and Instagram and so on. In this way the users get the diversity they desire for. Moreover, this free application has the extensive options in live streaming and downloading both.You can do Vidmate apk download install and ensure that you have endless options on your device for free.

Media Clip Pro

It getsyou the most professional approach to experiencing the desired videos anywhere at any time. You can download any sort of media like videos, documents, photos, and music. You can also save the streamed videos that can be available later in offline mode as well. You must try it because it possesses a convenient interface that heads to faster browsing.


Free video downloader is rather popular among Android users. Although it is not really compatible with YouTube and it does not own a catchy interface, but it has an edge with its capability. It gets you the resume option in downloading. You can even effortlessly download multiple files at once with FVD. Further, you can even place private videos under implied security too. In this way you you’re your personal zone of videos in device.


So, you can at least check out these applications and try them out. They would get you a promising experience!

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