Rose Species Name and Classification

Rose Species

There are 90 roses which are found in nature. There are about 200 species of roses in this beautiful nature but only few were grown and identified by humans.The various types of Rose Species are Beach Rose, French Rose, Multiflora Rose,Dog-Rose,Cabbage Rose, China Rose,Sweet-Brier,Tea Rose, Rosa Moschata,Burnet Rose, Austrian briar,Rosa Glauca,Rosa Moyesii,Rosa Laevigata,Lady Banks’ rose, Rosa Bracteates, Rosa roxburghii,wood’s rose, rosa persica, Father hugo’s rose, Virginia Rose and so on.

In Gardening the most popular are roses, which is a flowering shrubs. Rose flowers are the most famous flowers in the world because these flowers have a wide variety in terms of colours, sizes, wonderful and pleasant fragrances and many attributes.

Classification of Roses

Basically roses are divided into three classes:-

  1. Species Roses-It is known as Wild Species Roses. These roses are very simple and contains 5-petaled flowers which is followed by very colourful hips. These flowers providing foods for the birds and winter colour.

The most famous or popular rose species for sale nowadays is Rosa Rugose because it is disease resistance, easy maintenance and hardiness. Wild Species Roses may include different varieties. It will usually blossom once in the months of summer. On this Valentines forward the beautiful quotes in Hindi Rose Day Status in Hindi Quotes to your partners.

  1. Old Garden Roses-The fragrance of these flower become very fresh and wonderful like as perfumes. It express the beauty. These variety have a great winter hardiness to the tender and contains lovely tea roses which is suitable for warm climates was well.

Old garden roses are easy to grow, winter hardy. These grows in several shrubs and vine sizes. The class of these roses are usually white in colour or pastel in colour. Mostly the preference of these roses are in lawns or home gardens and the species popularly known by the name of “Antiqua Roses”. There are huge variety of roses in this class such as Tea Roses, Moss Roses, Damask Roses, Bourbon Roses, China Roses, etc.

  1. Modern Rose– Roses which are identified after the year 1867, is considered as a Modern Rose. These groups of roses are very popular. The result of the modern rose is of crossbreeding the polyanthus (a variety of primrose) with the hybrid tea. The colours of Modern Roses are very vibrant, rich in colour, and varied from other one. The most popular roses in this class includes Hybrid Tea Roses, Floribunda Roses, and Grandiflora Roses. These flowers require proper care and not adapt well to colder climates or environments so that they are adored by florists, gardeners. Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with memorable moments and forwarding the latest awesome wishes in Hindi to wish your partner on this day valentine day messages in hindi  .

    Most Popular Varieties of Species

    Types of Species

    Hybrid Varieties

    Hybrid Perpetual Rose,Chinese Tea Rose

    Hybrid Tea Rose

    Hybrid Perpetual Rose,Australian Brier Rose

    Yellow Permet Rose

    R. multiflora ,R. chinensis

    Hybrid/Dwarf Polyanthas or Poly Pompon roses

    Hybrid Tea Rose,Floribundas


    R. wichuriana, R. multiflora, Hybrid Tea Rose

    Dorothy Perkins, American Pillar, Excelsa

    R. canina ,R. gallica


    R. phoenica ,R. gallica

    Damaskas Rose

    R. damascena ,R. alba

    Centifolia Rose

    Autumn Damask Rose, China Rose


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