The Men’s Fashion Photography Scene That’s Completely Stylish and Exciting

There is this one branch of photography that is commonly overlooked – and that is fashion photography. Many people are inclined to different forms of photograph, such as landscape, portraiture, fine art, travel, food, journalism, wild life, among many more. However, photography on fashion is not very popular; some people may even think that no such branch of photography exists. Basically, taking pictures of fashion pieces lies under the umbrella of still photography; this is probably why such form of photography is not very popular in different countries. However, due to the rise in popularity of blogs and social networking sites, photography of any sort, including food, travel, and fine art, has been revolutionized.

Mens fashion companies greatly rely on photography to market their products. Print posters and online ads are used by these companies to advertise their products to people; thus, photography has become a staple assistance for their marketing approach. Taking photos of fashion is no task for people with no prior photography experience or background. Although almost anyone can become an amateur photographer or hobbyist due to the availability of digital cameras in the market, everyone should note that it takes skills and passion in order to successfully and beautifully shoot a moment.

In fashion photography, for one to capture an outstanding and attractive picture of fashion, certain guidelines and tips should be strongly considered. According to leading photographers, the following are the dos and don’ts when photographing pieces of fashion:


  • Place the fashion you will photograph in a large space. It is suggested to find an area that is at least three times larger than the fashion to be photographed. This allow you to get shoot the fashion in different angles without worrying about space.
  • Use a backdrop. Place the fashion opposite to the backdrop you will use. The most commonly used color of backdrop is white as it blends well with most colors of fashion pieces.
  • Use a long lens to picture the fashion. Majority of photographers taking fashion photos use 210 mm lens. Womens and mens fashion photographers say that using a wide angle lens will not result in good photos as it may distort the lines of the image.


  • Do not rely too much on artificial tungsten or fluorescent light as it may not give the accurate colors and lines of the photo. It is suggested to use natural light if the room has window. It is also advisable to use soft box to get the right tone of the image.
  • Do not make use dark-colored backdrop. As much as possible, do not use black or any dark-colored backdrop, be it made of paper or cloth. In order to highlight every feature of the fashion, it is wise to use light-colored backdrop.
  • Do not forget to use a tripod. Even though you are shooting a still object, having a tripod handy is recommended in order to get the right angle with ease.

If you want to become a professional fashion photographer, then you should know the basics of photography. It is suggested that you enroll at a photography class or course for you to be properly guided by experienced photographers. Still photography is not a very easy discipline to learn, much more to master, which is why training and exposure are very important. Starting a photography venture is relatively much easier these days than the past years because cameras and equipment are quite cheaper now.

It is true that getting a job in the fashion industry is no walk in the park. However, if you really want to become a photographer and you have the skills and dedication to boot, go ahead and chase those dreams!

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