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4 Ways to Use SEO for Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is all about creating a positive image on all possible forum and search engine, as well. Bygone are those days, where the customer has to hunt five and dime for culling the perfect choice of retailer or depend upon the references of others to make the final decision.

Today, in this digital aeon, the rapid movement of resources has fabricated various notions to stay ahead in the race of business accomplishment among the group of its competitors.

The business owners are well aware of the fact and importance of online reputation in the sight of the customer. Therefore, they are implementing each possible method to stay in the good books of its customers via the practice of online reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO) technique.

How SEO and Online Reputation Management Are Related to Each Other?

SEO is a heavy targeted term when it comes to initiating the practice for staying at the top of the search engine result page (SERP).

Previously, digital marketers put froth the practice of SEO to attract the attention of the customer in each way possible by hitting on a streamlined set of keywords. But what if, the ranked webpage creates a negative impact of your business on the customer’s mind?… Here comes the Online Reputation Management in the scene, to balance out the result on SERP and the website’s reputation, simultaneously.

In the world of digital marketing, the SEO and online reputation management go hand in hand to create the positive impact of the brand by ruling the results on SERP with top ranking in the list.

Search Engine Optimization ‘Versus’ Online Reputation Management:

People often get confused in the duo. To clear the clutter around the ‘digital’ term, let’s have a quick review over the point of difference they share to improve the reach of the website, followed by an excellent rate of sales conversion.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), work on pushing the ranking of your page by hitting the mass of traffic to your website via backlinks and inserting appropriate keywords in the content, posted by the team of optimizers.

Whereas, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the method to create a positive impact of the website on the customer in order to ensure trustworthiness by addressing the reviews on social channels and discussion forum along with the continuous practice of quality delivery of services for retaining the customer for a longer period.

Ways to Clout SEO for Online Reputation Management:

Creating a colossal impact on the digital medium is an essential requirement for the business nowadays. We have already discussed the relation between SEO and ORM, and its importance to rule the business.

Let’s have a generic review of the 4 ways that Leverage SEO for Online Reputation Management:

1.      Connect with the Customer to Improve Ranking in SERP:

Customer is the prime requirement to tag any business venture as successful. Connecting with the customer is the first step to the ladder of improving an online image.

As per the reports, addressing the queries of the customer helps to build a strong and harmonious relationship with the customer, which increases the visibility of the website, as the SERP tends to push such pages more often as compared to dead or inactive customer-engagement pages.

The way to connect with customers works on both factor i.e manage reputation and attract traffic to the webpage, by refurbishing the positive reviews on the top of the SERP to negative on latter pages.

Still, the major question falls for how to engage with the customer?…

  • Create social media profiles on possible platforms to register customer engagement for your brand.
  • Monitor the crust of criticism and work over the same, in order to create a positive impact of the brand with the motive to reflect in SERP.
  • Actively participate in discussion forums with the customer, as it will significantly help your brand to move forward.

2.      Redirect the Traffic to Your Website:

This is one of the major specification, registered in the favour of SEO. The SEO techniques take input in all form to redirect the traffic on the origin of the website, with the maximized scale of views and acceptance.

But what to do with traffic, if your content or review set is portraying a bad image of your business. And this will eventually lead to reverse SEO, which is not in favourable terms of your business.

Thus, make your content powerful and influential that is capable enough to work hand in hand with reputation management and SEO practices.

One can use the following SEO practices for online reputation management by redirecting the traffic and potential customers to your website.

  • Create a business listing.
  • Outreach the customer via the medium of guest posts consisting the set of apt keywords and adequate backlinks.
  • Make a suitable and engaging set of classifieds.

3.      Advertise Your Brand:

SEO practice calls for the adequate medium to attract the traffic more of it possible. If we stay up-to-date with our webpages and social channels by addressing the reviews of the customer, it is for sure going to help in managing the online reputation of your brand.

Also if you have already donned the positive impact on website and business, why not to rank it in top of SERP. As the positive influence of page on the topmost section helps to greet more interest of the customer, as in comparison to the link followed by on lower section of the page with the less positive image.

One can advertise its brand equipped with SEO techniques in the following manner.

  • Add the brand name in every possible blogs and content, power-packed by an adequate set of keywords.
  • Study the guidelines pertaining to the ranking of the page.
  • Advertise your brand by sharing the posts and links on other platforms, as it will boost the positive impact for your business, as well as the gain number of view by engaging the traffic on your website or landing page.

4.      Stay Updated on Website and Social Media Channels:

Staying updated with content is the only key to outreach the significant attempts of reputation management and rank in SERP, simultaneously.

Google follows the algorithms smartly by differing the presence and activeness on various platforms.

The more you will update your content… the more will be positive reputation and registered hike in the traffic!

One can stay updated on the website and social media channel by following the mentioned steps.

  • Update video content, on all possible platform.
  • Update blogs with required keywords.
  • Reply to customer’s review.
  • Take part in discussions with the customer.

In Conclusion:

Hence, clubbing the digital marketing techniques i.e; SEO and online reputation management together helps in boosting the cores of business.

Implicating the SEO for managing online reputation helps in attracting better traffic acquiring the optimized outlook of the business.

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