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The law marketing industry has become competitive wold-wide. Nowadays, most law firms seek ways to increase law firm lead. The internet is crowded with thousands of websites involving law firms; all vying for the first three spots. As such, standing out among them may look like a task that needs a Herculean effort.

 Even at the time of taking out a contact form for its website, company owners, or webmasters, tend to ask a number of questions.

Is it worth it or not? Do all visitors fill up visitors are filling up the contact form? Are the clients satisfied with its services? What are the best ways to increase the conversion rate of law firms?

Let’s discuss five main strong points in detail which will bring out the effectiveness of conversion rates along with your contact form. They are as follows:

  • Use Mobile Option Bars:

Nowadays, it’s very common to visit a website through a mobile device. Approximately 50% of internet users use a handset to login instead of a desktop. But lawyers and attorneys in law firms use websites through desktop, instead of mobiles. They invest a huge amount of money to drive visitors who use desktops.

For this, it is advisable to use sticky mobile bars for the call to action (CTA), in case of personal legal matters. This usage of a sticky mobile bar would lead to more conversion rates.

The most important action on a legal website is the click-to-call service, where the lawyers and attorneys can avail with phone calls from the visitors. By providing the click-to-call button on the mobile CTA bar would enhance the number of phone calls from the customers. A mobile phone is also handy and convenient to use compared to a desktop device.

It is advisable to keep fewer options on the CTA mobile bar. You can put a maximum of three options. Putting too many options would make it difficult to handle for the users.

  • The CTA and Phone Number button should be at the top of the Page:

Lawyers and attorneys in their legal websites, always look for potential customers for their best law firm seo company. Receiving phone calls from visitors is the most convenient way of contact between the two.

Henceforth, it is always suggested to put the phone number and call to action option at the top of the page. These are the two primary elements that the visitors try to notice while visiting your page.

The best place to put your phone number and the call to action options should be at the top right-hand corner of the page. Always use prominent and decent colors, so that it comes to notice easily. Make sure that the phone number is tappable and is within reach of the visitors.

  • Increase the speed of Your Website:

An important tip to increase the lead conversion rate of your legal firm is to speed up your website. The visitors of your website decreases significantly with the increase of loading time of your website from one to four seconds. As the loading time passes two seconds, the conversion rate drops drastically.

A recent study shows as the loading speed goes from one to three seconds, the bounce increases bu 32%. While the speed goes from one second to ten seconds, the probability increases by 123%.

  • Make the contact form as brief as possible:

The contact form option which the legal webmasters need to put up should be brief and precise with a maximum of five questions. It should visually match the website, otherwise, the potential customers may get distracted.

You can also increase the conversion rate by following some tactics. Instead of using typed questions in the contact form, you can use click options in your drop-down list of choices. When there are typed answer choices, they should be interesting rather than confusing.

Try to keep the questions long-tailed rather than single-worded. Nowadays, people have less time and patience. They try to use shortcuts in everything and ignore time-consuming matters. So, it’s better not to test their patience with time.

  • Use apositive Connotation:

After completion of the contact form, the lead press button should be more compelling, like instead of putting a negative connotation like ‘Submit’, you can use ‘Get Started’ or ‘Send’.  After that, you can afford to get a quick response.

It’s also important to maintain a good relationship with the clients. Rather than providing a short greeting like ‘thank you’, you can end with a more positive confirmation. After this, they should receive a responsive email and not just an automated reply. Finally, try not to use generic responses.


To conclude, we can say that to enhance the progress of a business firm, you have to increase its lead generation. A similar rule is applicable for a legal industry, where lawyers and attorneys are looking for potential customers. Gone are the days when people used to look for manual or offline marketing. In the present era of the internet, legal websites have become a source of online marketing for attorneys.

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