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In 2020, one of the most important tasks will be the keen management of data which comprises the administrative process which includes acquiring, validating, protecting and processing the data. It further helps in ensuring the accessibility, reliability and correct time management of data. It eases the headache of its users. A data management trends which deal in software which helps in creating and consuming the data for its further management and governance. It is highly important as it is the most valuable source for any organization. In 2019, strict privacy regulations were imposed which helped in the perseverance of data enhancement solutions and aimed the value to gather more data.

As we step into 2020, new trends emerge which would further prove to validate the importance of data management. The emerging data management trends widely cover the three larger perspectives: trends for the business sector, trends for data center and a general data management sector. These all aim at perfect management and governance of data along with optimum usage of Artificial Intelligence. So, the five top emerging trends are:

  • Streaming data to be embedded in business processes– With the acceleration in business growth, the advantage of data is quite evitable. It only helps in quick decision-making strategy but also is the main document for the formulation of policies and procedures. To facilitate it easily, streaming data can be directly embedded in the reporting and analytics system. This would not only help in a prompt review of strategies but will also be beneficial for the formulation of various business policies. With an increase in the volume of data and continuous expansion of data sources, it is quite challenging for the company leaders on reviewing the recent data to make the best decisions in favor of the company. Extraction and integration of the enterprise data from the old or traditional legacy to the Internet of Things (IOT) and streaming data would prove to be a great advantage for the next generations.

Companies are embracing this policy already for greater benefits.

  • Data-driven automation- a boon for Artificial Intelligence– The maximum usage of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made the handling of cases in the company more sophisticated. Substantial growth in usage of data automation and data management strategy and data governance approach will be observed which will further help the companies in solving the IT problems proactively. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, businesses enjoy a competitive advantage on grounds such as system events, informing the human operators who further help in taking actions and altering the IT professionals. Detecting security breaches, frauds, failures, watching the potential performance are few areas that can be easily monitored by the IT department and the Artificial Intelligence department will also be further benefitted.
  • The requirement of tools for management of cloud computing performance– In today’s era, the adoption of cloud and hybrid cloud architectures is going to increase at an alarming rate. The IT department will be truly busy investigating the security, reliability, and scale of data management and its movement in the market. This has already been understood and observed that the companies are busier in the usage of the cloud-first applications. They are quite evident in the various advantages as well as the disadvantages of the cloud’s performance. 2020 will observe more workload optimization tools which will further help the enterprises in giving a complete and satisfactory view. This would not only enhance the business strategies but also would provide a competitive business service and prove to be a competitive name in the market.
  • Expansion of next-generation data platforms– There are various scalable data platforms that would give a greater advantage to the enterprises in the correct analysis of the big data. 2020 will observe a rapid increase in the number of real and business valuable cases that would require the companies to implement from various available choices. The options available with the companies are snowflakes, data bricks to name a few. Before the consolidation, more such platforms will move the eyeballs of the market. Though many platforms observe a shallow recess, the entrepreneurs still aspire to innovate and expand all the new standards and capabilities of the companies to submerge in such technologies.
  • Adjustment to data regulations– 2020 will observe the enforcement of CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) which motivates individual data rights. This would further be evaluated and will be discussed further. Such rights are of composed and self-assured manner which would help in the disruption of the traditional marketing methods. This requires companies to rethink and revisit their data management trends and privacy processes. This helps the Artificial Intelligence experts in the collection and identification of customer data and comply with the acts related to it.                                                                  

In this new year, companies would be seen making great moves for understanding and using these technologies for the optimization of data management strategy.

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