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A hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood, which looks simple enough until you go to purchase one. The hoodie also known as the hooded jacket is a perfect outfit for men and women. You can put it on as a top or you can pair it with a shirt. This is a simple way to make casual attires. Based on the circumstances, you will discover that some hoodies are improved than others.

Zip Up vs. Pullover

Depending on how you can wear hoodies, you can go for either the pullover or the zip up. If you have no idea as to which one you should purchase, here are some useful tips.

  • Pullover Hoodies

These hoodies are sported like a plain T-shirt. Even though they are simple shirts, you can put on an inside layer for coziness. They are more hard-wearing than the zip-up kind as they do not have zippers.

  • Zip-Up Hoodies

This kind of hooded jacket runs all the way down to your lower hem. You can place them on half-zipped, which will offer you a layered look. In addition, with the correct kind of T-shirt or tank top, it can look perfect on you. Another feature is that they are simple to put on.

What are the hoodies made from?

Let us discuss about the common materials that are used to make hoodies for men and women.

  • Wool

Wool is attained from animals, for instance sheep. Wool provides lots of features, such as elasticity and insulation. Thus, hooded jackets made of wool are a perfect option for chilled weather. But, you will have to wear an inside clothing or you may feel discomfort in this jacket.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most popularly used material. Cotton stops moisture and enables fresh air within the shirt. If you go to the gym, you can put on a cotton-based hooded jacket. Apart from this, if you do jogging or do other types of exercises, this choice is for you.

  • Nylon

This synthetic fiber opposes moisture, fungi, mould, stains, flame, and mildew. They are made from pure nylon or a blend of other fibers, such as cotton or wool. The best thing about nylon is that it does not catch fire simply. Even in extreme heat, it would not catch fire and may dissolve down as a substitute.

  • Polyester

Polyester is not perfect at absorbing water unlike polyester. Thus, it gets stained quite fast. Apart from this, polyester is stretchy so the hoodies made from this fabric do not get distorted so effortlessly. Thus, hooded jackets made from this material are more hard-wearing. This can be worth your money, particularly if you are short on money.

  • Fleece

Fleece is not attained from animals. Rather, manufacturers get it from the hydrocarbon resins, for instance, the polyethylene terephthalate. It is the same material that is often used for making soft drink bottles.

Thus, if you have been thinking of purchasing a hoodie, it is suggested that you choose the right one based on the types of hoodies mentioned above.

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