Thu. Oct 1st, 2020

Indian Railways have always left a mark on minds and everyone across the world. It is one of the largest railway networks in the world and the beauty of this network is its expansion and constant growth. Every year Indian railways come up with fresh sets of planes and trains. But do you know that Indian railways have been continually working on its facilities and services too?

Today the percentage of people or population contented with the services and facilities of Indian railways is somewhat high. People do love the way the railways are working and there are methods and facilities that are making everything easy for the passengers. Have you ever heard of about PNR number? Yes, if you have always been thinking that there should be a platform that helps you in getting all the information then this is it. you can always get Food On Train while your journeys but you know you can easily get all the information about your ticket, train, timings, and facilities even before you have boarded the train through PNR number.

What Does it Include?

The PNR status encompasses data and information such as whether the ticket has got confirmed, booking status – the ticket is on a waiting list (WL) or the ticket is simply under reservation against cancellation (RAC) – other than offering the basic information on departure and arrival time of trains. The PNR status also encompasses particulars of the coach and seat number and also the price paid by the passenger, in the middle of other kinds of details.      Once you have this ten-digit number with you, there would not be any requirement to rely on anyone else for any information.

How to Check this PNR Number?

You just have to give your PNR number on the search bar on the official website of Indian railways or other relevant railway-related platforms. It would then give you the PNR status of the ticket you own. Though you can see the PNR number on the top-left corner of the train ticket, the PNR number given on the e-ticket is easily visible in a diverse place – it is going to be given or printed on the top area of the webpage.  Of course, it is true that different web platforms or sites have their dissimilar interface and layouts. You just have to look for the column wherein you have to fill in the PNR number and you are great to go.

Any Idea About The Procedure Of PNR

There is a proper procedure of Indian railways wherein there is all the information related to passengers is stored and gathered. The system makes a 10-digit PNR status number each time when a person purchases an Indian Railways ticket on the official website that of private travel websites or at any ticket counters. The system is absolutely clear and accurate. You are not going to discover any flaws in the number or the status it gets you. Moreover, in the scenario of group bookings, a single PNR number is going to be including a maximum of six passengers.


So, before you get upset over anything, make sure that you check out the PNR number for first-hand information.

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