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SEO is going nowhere in 2020. Digital marketers continue to depend on SEO to optimize the presence of a website on search engines.

In the battle to increase search rankings in order to grow website traffic, SEO execs end up taking many steps that wouldn’t strictly be seen as advisable. Sometimes these methods work, but they are counterproductive most of the time.

With the new year approaching, many digital marketers are already thinking of developing a new attitude and taking a different tactical approach. New Year resolutions are in full swing and digital marketers are not impervious to charms of becoming more efficient in 2020. While this is a time to learn new things and explore, one should also consider losing certain habits that can cause grief later in the year. For digital marketers, losing certain bad SEO habits should be important too.

Every digital marketer has a few bad habits, from being lazy about meta tag optimization to being a little lost in content writing.

In this article, we discuss some common SEO habits digital marketers should lose in 2020.

Using Link Building as the Only Solution for Low SERPs

Digital marketers would agree with this. The default reaction of most digital marketers for any drop in SERPs is to get more backlinks.

Backlinks are important. Nobody in digital marketing with intellect only moderately higher than that of a turnip would say otherwise. The point here is that not every drop in SERPs can be attributed to a lack of backlinks. There are several other measures that may have to be taken to improve SERPs.

These measures could include meta tag optimization, content re-writing, the inclusion of images, or any other method aimed at improving the user experience of readers. Moving over link building as the sole diagnostic tool for a drop in SERPs is an SEO habit every marketer must consider dropping.

Writing Repetitive Content

So this is something many digital marketers are guilty of. In order to reach a greater content base, SEO execs either insist on content writers creating similar content or end up writing it themselves. This habit of writing similar content is linked closely to getting higher search rankings on specific keywords.

While these methods may have worked like a charm before, they do not anymore. The Google Search Algorithm is much smarter at evaluating the quality of content. Digital marketers no longer need to write 20-30 articles on similar topics just because they want to rank high on a given keyword. Even one topical blog post written well is enough to get high search rankings. Thus, dropping this SEO habit in 2020 should be a no-brainer.

Using Heavy Images

Image optimization is important, but largely ignored topic in SEO. With most discussions in the field centered around complex subjects like keyword research, content, and link building, subjects like image optimization rarely get the attention they deserve.

Image optimization is important for one key reason –  page speed optimization. Too often, websites get downgraded in SERPs due to a high page load time. With the importance given to mobile-optimization these days, page speed is a very important metric. Thus, marketers should start giving attention to image optimization and putting a stop to this particular SEO habit.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three SEO habits marketers must drop in 2020.

About the Author – Hemant is a digital marketer and brand campaign specialist with a decade of experience in the field. He writes guest posts for Edinburg, an institute known for its digital marketing course in Delhi.

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