Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Have you seen how viral Tik Tok is? It is the trendiest app in the market and is growing at an amazing speed. The Chinese music video platform that allows users to create a short video and share it with people. People are obsessed with this app and why not? It is a source of free entertainment that can keep people hooked for hours on end. And if you’re also thinking to create an application just like Tik Tok, and to find the best mobile app development Dubai here’s what you need to know:

The must-have features for mobile app development Dubai:

Create a splash screen-allow for users to log in and sign up for your application. This will create familiarity for users and bring them back.

App navigation should be easy-it should be easier for users to locate and find things on your app.

Liking and commenting- a key feature of mobile app development Dubai is to make apps interactive hence having a feature for liking and commenting

plus sharing is crucial.

Effects and filters- including special features like slow-mo. and reverse video, it is also vital to add face filters and various effects to maximize user experience in mobile for development in Dubai.

Push notifications and app settings- providing users with push notifications and settings will allow your users with the necessary touch updates needed for mobile app development Dubai.

The tech requirements for your mobile app:

Most applications need cloud storage and hence the use of Amazon of S3 or Google Cloud storage should be considered for mobile app development Dubai. Your cost for the app will also depend on:

A functional operating system

Content networks for delivery

A database


Database management

GWT for programming

Payment methods (optional)

Development team requirements for mobile app development Dubai:

To make sure you have the best team for this app, here’s who you will need

iOS or Android developer

Mobile app developers

Database experts

A sales and marketing team

Product managers

QA expert

UI/UX designers

Delivery experts

The total cost of mobile app development in Dubai:

To start with, the basic cost to develop an app like Tik Tok will be around $20000 to $30000. However, you should consider the different versions of the app for different platforms that you will be using. If you’re looking to make an app just like TikTok, then chances of success can below. Why provide the audience with something they already have? Therefore, you will have to keep in mind that the money that you spend should be well placed and justified.

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