Thu. Nov 26th, 2020

 Karan Oberoi, a leading male model from our country, who is known today for his sense of style and fitness is the man to ask for help, especially at the time of quarantine. While we all are bound to sit at home at least 21 days lockdown period at the time of ‘Coronavirus’ forces us to contemplate on our fitness part. Definitely all those people who were quite addicted of working out in the gym or perhaps doing any sort of physical activity anywhere outside must be thinking what they shall do while being at home to keep them self-fit.

It also becomes quite interesting to know how leading male models from our country like Karan Oberoi also known as KO, would be doing to keep themselves fit. Recently, Karan Oberoi model shared couple of stories on Instagram that how he has been trying to keep himself fit despite not going out of the home. Karan Oberoi ‘KO’ is known for his ripped and muscular physique which he has acquired by running for hours on streets and definitely working out for hours in the gym. In this article we shall be sharing some of the fitness activities he has been doing while at home, which you can also easily follow. KO believes this is the kind of judgement Duration of 21 days for all the models and actors at the time of quarantine and time to show enormous self-discipline with restrictions in hand.

 Here are Few things you need to keep in mind that leading male model Karan Oberoi follows, which might help you too, to be fit at the time of quarantine:

  • Model Karan Oberoi suggests to have a strong watch on what you are eating at this lockdown period

The major thing that goes wrong with majority of people which they are locked down, that they perhaps start eating more of junk and fast food which is made of white flour. On the other hand, there are few who eat more of carbs thus putting more weight. It’s a time to watch on what we eat because according to Model Karan Oberoi 70 percent depends on what we eat to look fit. So make sure in these 21 days we don’t break eating discipline while we all are at home.


  • Eating small meals throughout the day 


According to KO, while we all are at home at this period we all need to eat small meals can be 6 to 8, because in this duration physical movement is less. Therefore, if not controlled can lead to overweight and can give weight to stomach belly region.


  • Home workout: Pushups, on spot jumps and stand-ups are must 


According to Karan Oberoi model, while we all are at home we need takeout at least one hour to warm up our selves. One hour of intense home workout session can include push ups, 1000 on spot jumps and stand-ups that can be really helpful to keep you fit amid this lockdown. This workout is for people who definitely don’t have anything such as dumbbells and treadmill at home.  Never underestimate the importance of stretching muscles and yoga too, if you can do this no one can stop you to keep fit even though you at home.


  • Don’t eat salty and fried food, and try cooking food in microwave oven


You should also make sure that you eat less salty food especially snacks that are fried too which can lead to water retention and not good for heart. Make sure you eat less salty, fried and sugary food which can reduce the chances of bloating. Also make sure you drink lot of water at least 3 litres daily.


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