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Trampoline parks are fun, it is a place where young, energetic kids spend their hours playing together and enjoying themselves. There are various, latest games that kids can play on the trampoline, besides just jumping up-and-down, when it comes to arranging a birthday party. Every trampoline cannot handle the numerous list of activities that people arrange, out of the many, trampolines are basically a simple means of jumping up and down with the restrictions of the weight. While using a trampoline at home for games and other purposes, one must check its limits and imposed restrictions and make sure that they are safe to use. 

There are many trampoline parks that offer a long list of games for children of all ages and sometimes, even adults. If you are looking for possible games to play in the best trampoline park in the USA, you are reading the right article. 

Popular trampoline games that one can play

There are various games that one can play on the trampoline, movements like flip or backflips, soccer, tag, and even dance-off. 

Slam-dunk: Slam dunks on the trampoline, as the name suggests, is something to do with basketball. It is a fun way of playing basketball and playing it on a trampoline makes it a fun activity, rather than a contest. It is considered as a good way to have a nice, fun time for those who don’t like to play the traditional format. To test your ability, one can have as many slam dunks as possible for the mere note of fun and laughter. 

Dodgeball: Dodgeball is considered one of the most preferred and popular games, and usually people play this game while they are growing up. When combining dodgeball with a trampoline, it makes things even more exciting and fun, as it introduces new elements. It requires at least two players, but the more the players, the more it is fun. It is considered as the most popular trampoline game, that both, kids and adults play. The fun increases tenfolds as compared to the traditional play of dodgeball, as one can bounce and play the dodgeball. The bouncy surface then introduced new elements to the games and with enclosed spaces, it makes a lot of difference and can even save from chasing the ball. 

Ninja Park: It is a fun game including trampolines that requires a minimum of three people. Choosing one person as the ninja and others are blindfolded, the main goal of the game is- Ninja making other players fall in the game. It is typically played in an enclosed trampoline to avoid getting hurt or injuries. It is considered as a challenge for other players to stand and instead make the ninja fall. One doesn’t use violent tactics like punching or kicking, but other smart techniques like tripping or bouncing and if the blindfolded team wins, or vice versa. Then, a new ninja is chosen for every game. 

Dance-off: Trampoline is considered as the best platforms to have a dance party. One just needs dance music that helps one to show their move and can even organize a dance-off on the bases of the trampoline. 

Various trampoline activities

Trampoline is considered as one of the most versatile equipments that one can enjoy around. Many even try to find the unique trampoline park in Houston when looking for the best places to host a birthday party and fun parks with trampolines are never a bad idea.     

One can organize popular activities to organize in a trampoline park:                                                         

  • Events 
  • School Trips 
  • Birthday Parties

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