Wed. Dec 2nd, 2020

Everyone wants to make his/her life even better than it was last year. To be very frank, we all have some kind of drawbacks within ourselves. Besides decorating our house with fresh flowers, throwing a party, and dancing to the tunes of rock music at the New Year eve, we also start taking oaths to abdicate all of our downsides from the very first morning of the coming year.

It is said that most people break these promises on the same day. Virtually 50% of people take and fail to maintain some of the most common resolutions. Read further to know which those usual resolutions are.

Giving up Smoking

Smoking is one’s most unhealthy habit that is very hard to abandon. It annoys your girlfriend most. Remember last year on the New Year eve when you took online flower delivery in Gurgaon and promised your partner offering the bouquet regarding relinquishing cigarettes. But then, you couldn’t even stay without it for a single day. Take the same resolution again with some backstop to quit tobaccos forever making your partner and the environment happy.

Deplore Procrastination

Most of the people often take their deadlines for granted at the initial stage of work and then they have to face a heavy workload towards the end. Sometimes it causes the failure of the deadline too. Nothing shameful in it guys, it happens with roughly every one and we all should opt-out it. Thinking this, people take this resolution every year not to get relaxed leaving the work alongside and near about 90% of them plummet again.

Learn Time Management

We always try to complete our entire task within time. Nevertheless, after a whole day passes away, we realize we couldn’t finish it yet. At that time, we start thinking about what we did in the last 24 hrs. Then we recognize the importance of learning time management in our life.

We all shall take this as our NY resolution to keep everything organized, maintain work-life balance, and spend some quality time with our families.

Healthy Diet

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No doubt, having salads and all non-oily foods are always beneficial for health. But we can’t resist ourselves when we see spicy and delicious cuisine in restaurants. Especially if a close one orders chocolate bouquet delivery in Gurgaon for your birthday then it is hard to stay at a distance ignoring all your cravings.

If you are going to show your thumbs down to all the delectable viewers, then remember once, such stuff satisfies our taste glands and helps in releasing happy hormones, which are equally vital for being healthy.

Doing Regular Exercises

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Every person should do some regular exercise, which comes under healthy lifestyle etiquette. Workouts improve blood circulation and detoxify the body equally applicable to everyone. Some people believe, only obese people should do exercises. But practically any kind of calisthenics keep us away from severe syndromes. If you feel your close one needs this then present him/her a package of workout wear as New Year gifts to encourage him/her for daily exercises.

Weight Loss

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I will surely become slim in the next three months! How many times did you hear this from your overweight pal? This is the commonest, as nearly 95% of obese people take the weight loss program as their NY resolution.

No Debt

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The no-cost EMI sounds very lucrative to us. People generally buy smartphones, bikes, on finance to maintain their monthly budget. But practically it doesn’t keep the budget under control. Instead, it creates a pressure of heavy debt on their shoulders. In this situation, they only take one oath of clearing all liabilities in the coming year.

Re-build the Connections with Old Friends

While meeting the responsibilities of daily life, people often forget to get in touch with their old friends. Sometimes, they even ignore their alley’s phone calls too. If you are one of them and feel like contacting them at earliest, then buy a bunch of flowers or bouquet online and meet them holding this on 1st January wishing them “Happy New Year”.

These are the most common New Year Resolutions people often take. Is your resolution any one of these or something else? I hope you will succeed in your pledge. Wish you all the luck and a very “Happy New Year” in advance.

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