Mon. Sep 28th, 2020
Sap computer course

Inventory Management requires lot of decision making on behalf of an organization and various individuals who work within a warehouse and are responsible for managing inventory level in a warehouse. Maintaining adequate levels of inventory is necessary in order to fulfill their customer’s demands on time. Moreover, an organization must ensure adequate levels of inventory or raw material should maintain at all times in order to provide the necessary materials to production facility at the right time and in proper quantity.

Sap course online is one such course which is available in order to provide necessary knowledge and know how to an individual managing a warehouse of a business organization. Sap ewm is the system of managing warehouse processes which helps in reduction of cost and time associated with inventory and warehouse management. Extended warehouse management is an online course which imparts information about various warehouse Management tools and methods to a warehouse personnel. One can access sap ewm course on saponair website. Saponair is considered to be the best website and online course service provider which imparts knowledge about ewm and offers professional sap ewm course to individuals.

Sap Extended Warehouse Management course provides information about following topics and has following features:

  1. Efficient management of available space within a warehouse. Existing storage capacity of a warehouse can be tweaked and efficiently utilized using ewm course.
  2. Creation of efficient storage capacities and racks which help in proper stacking and storage of available stocks and products. The course imparts knowledge on how to store every item within a warehouse so that every available space is used.
  3. Real time tracking of every raw material item and finished product which is stacked within a warehouse and in transit for delivery. Every item whether stacked within a warehouse or in transit can be tracked by assigning a tracking or serial number to the package. An individual working within a warehouse can provide real time information about exact location of an item within a warehouse.
  4. Management and optimization of complex processes which occur within a warehouse like movement of materials, loading and unloading, packaging and delivery etc.
  5. Creation of proper routes for movement of stock within a warehouse. Every movement of labor working in a warehouse can be easily coordinated using the EWM system. This ensures reduction in time and cost associated with movement of material within a warehouse and its movement.
  6. Ensuring all the processes are completed on time like carrying out reordering process at appropriate intervals. A warehouse manager can begin timely stock replenishment process upon adoption of extended warehouse management system and associated processes.
  7. Configuration of put away system for warehouses which helps in management of entry and exit routes within a warehouse. Every item passes through appropriate quality inspection routes which make sure the item reaches right address.

Sap computer course can help in equipping an individual with all the necessary skills for managing inventory within a warehouse efficiently.

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