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Seagrass Carpets are naturally derived from the leaves of the Seagrass plant. This plant basically grows in the coastal waters. The structure of this plant resembles grasses. These have long, flat leaves. These leaves are dried out and the fibre obtained is used to manufacture seagrass carpets.

Seagrass Carpets – A Natural Flooring

Seagrass carpets are naturally obtained. This means that the carpets are free of toxic dyes, chemicals, and bleaches. Since it is free of all the harmful substances, it is a wonderful option where people want to have a cleaner and harmless flooring option. The same reason makes it completely safe against allergic reactions. Therefore, Seagrass carpets can be used in places where pets are brought up. People with breathing disorders, dust allergies can safely opt for this option.

Seagrass Carpets – A beautiful flooring addition

Seagrass carpets are woven products. Since it is woven, it can be custom made in different patterns and sizes. Seagrass carpets usually obtain a natural brown shade. This brown varies from pale to medium-dark. The customer can choose one according to their preference. Seagrass carpets are the new age preference for flooring. It looks natural, rustic, and pleasant. It can be made into a fine looking carpet or can be woven into a rustic looking coarse carpet. It is especially preferred in the high-end or compact household as it imparts an elegant look.

Eco-friendly and non-harmful:

Seagrass carpets are naturally obtained; therefore they are eco-friendly. In today’s age, it is important to be responsible for Mother Earth. It is sustainable and long-lasting. This makes it durable. This is also a cruelty-free product, therefore people who follow veganism and minimalism can opt this for their household.

Easy Domestic Material:

Unlike other carpets, Seagrass carpets are lite and airy. It is extremely easy to clean. It can be easily shifted. However, it might not be able to withstand very hard movements. It can easily last a normal domestic household. Seagrass Carpets absorb moisture; therefore it is not suitable for exterior uses. It can’t be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or places like the balcony. It is durable and resilient. However, poking or strong objects can damage the surface of the carpet.

Seagrass Carpets: Other Uses And Benefits

Seagrass carpets can also be used as curtains, wall to wall posters, mats, etc as it has a very thin surface area. This is ideal for hot and humid climates. This let’s air pass, therefore maintains a cool environment. It is highly efficient in concealing dirt and stain. It does not hold on to the dirt which will maintain clean floors. The process of cleaning is a task, however. Seagrass carpets need to be cleaned with a vacuum and at least once a week.

Seagrass Carpets impart a rich look, which lifts up the ambiance. It is an affordable option. When we look at the chunky carpets, this could be a refreshing option. Seagrass Carpets are easy to carry and shift around. Therefore, it can change the look of a place in seconds. It is also much pleasant and soft under the feet. It can be used in places where toddlers are around as it would not harm their sensitive skin.

Seagrass carpet is very easy to install and the process is quick. Seagrass carpets, in general, are the new-age luxury, which is lite, natural, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, non-allergic, and minimalistic option to instantly light up space.

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