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Less-than-truckload or LTL for short, shipping, is a method of transporting a small amount of freight using an LTL carrier or parcel carrier. The freight is usually 500 to 10,000 pounds. The LTL method of shipping is an alternative to Full Truckload (FTL) carriers. The LTL method of transportation allows people to ship their packages with others’ packages and thus it is more economical.

Small business owners who have to ship larger items are often in a bind because their items are too large to use parcel shipment. They often find themselves paying for an entire trailer that is only half-full. As such, they either have to take the unnecessary cost out of their profit or pass it to their customers. Therefore it is beneficial for small businesses to use LTL for their shipping needs.

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Below are a few of the top benefits for companies when they switch to LTL shipping:-

Cost Effective

A major advantage to using LTL shipping is the pricing.  With LTL, shippers only pay for the space they use and not the whole trailer.  This allows companies who do not have enough product to fill an entire trailer the ability to ship their products at a significantly lower cost.

Transit Times

LTL offers competitive transit times regionally and nationally.  Typically, regional carriers can meet the majority of their direct points within two transit days.  National carriers can consistently reach direct points within four to five transit days.  Good LTL carriers meet an on-time percentage of 98% or higher.

You may have heard the shortened term “LTL shipping”, but not sure what it means. Less-Than-Truckload shipping, which is what LTL stands for and means the shipment does not completely fill an entire truck, is a huge business. As a matter of fact, for some companies, it makes up to 95 percent of their business.

Numerous benefits of LTL shipping include:

  1. Cost

LTL shipping is much more cost effective when compared to other available shipping options. The main advantage to using an LTL carrier is having items transported for a fraction of the cost of hiring an entire truck and trailer for one shipment. Since the carrier is transporting multiple shipments from multiple shippers, the freight carrier pools all the shipments into a single truck. The concept is now like cost-sharing with friends, where each shipper pays a fraction of the cost of the truck.

  1. Flexibility

LTL offers great flexibility because with several shipment going to similar places, this allow the company to drive the cost down by consolidating multiple shipments from multiple customers to create a load.  Less than truckload shipping is an ideal way for small and growing businesses to benefit through control, cost, and flexibility.

  1. Minimize Your Transportation Spending

LTL shipping typically costs much less than FTL shipping. By choosing to ship your goods in smaller loads together with other companies’ goods will reduce the shipping cost for all parties.  When one company ships its products, it can be hard to fill a vehicle to its maximum capacity. Smaller loads or a partial shipment from multiple businesses reduces fuel and the number of vehicles needed to transport their load. LTL shipping service saves costs on transportation.

  1. Eco-friendly

Some of the real concerns in the transportation and trucking industries are climate change and leaving carbon footprint. If you want to build a green business, LTL is an excellent choice because this shipping method reduces the amount of fuel and vehicles needed for shipments.

  1. Peace of mind

You can have a peace of mind when you ship using an LTL carrier because your product will get to its final destination safely. It is easy to keep track of your shipment and to track its location with modern technology. LTL shipping carriers are accountable for their guaranteed delivery date while making sure you know where your shipment is.

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