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Extremely tedious late nights, early mornings, and the repetitive potty cycles – makes getting used to caring for a baby  in the initial stages of parenting quite difficult and overwhelming. Shopping for safe baby products can also be a daunting task. Today’s parents, being more educated and informed, are demanding natural, toxin-free baby skincare products. Plenty of companies are producing eco-friendly baby products these days, allowing parents to choose environmentally-friendly items for their baby. Additionally, going green isn’t just beneficial for your baby; it’s great for the Earth too.

 Various brands offer a variety of eco-friendly products, ranging from diapers and skincare products to toys and furniture and so much more.With so many products to choose from for your little one, we have compiled a list of eco-friendly baby care essentials for you to buy in 2020!

  • Eco-Friendly Diapers and Wipes

When your baby is still in the first few months of its life, he/she will require many diaper changes. An enormous amount of baby diapers and wipes have to be used to keep your child clean at all times. However once they are disposed of, all of these diapers and wipes will sit in landfills, doing harm to the environment.  Several babycare companies have thus come out with an alternative by producing eco-friendly diapers and wipes.

A popular type of eco-friendly diaper and wipe is made from sustainably harvested bamboo spun lace. This gives the diaper and wipe the strength of bamboo and the softness of silk. These bamboo diapers are extremely absorbent, and have minimal risk of allergies and diaper rash as they’re free of harmful chemicals and artificial scents.

 Bamboo Wipes that are enhanced with Vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile  provide a gentle touch on the baby’s sensitive body parts.

  • Rattles & Teethers

Little ones constantly put anything they find lying around into their mouths, even if it is their toys. Why let your baby chew on its plastic toys when there are safer, eco-friendlier and healthier options available out there? Several toy brands have designed wooden and cloth rattle rings and teethers for your baby. These toys are made using old-style amigurumi interlaces and are available in many attractive colors. What’s more, they are safe and fun at the same time!

  • Baby Proof Laundry Detergent

Chemically loaded detergents are harmful to a newborn’s tender skin. There is no reason why you should burden your baby with chemicals. You should ensure that baby clothes are washed separately with a baby-safe detergent. Such detergents are made of coconut oils, no-tears soaps, washing soda, borax, and baking soda. They are toxin-free and don’t include petroleum or any synthetic perfumes.

  • Baby Oil

Massages for newborn babies are necessary to develop their muscles and increase their bone strength. Baby oil is typically used to massage the baby’s  body or apply it to its soft head. Eco-friendly baby oils are gentle on skin as they are made with 99% plant-based ingredients.  Use these oils to massage your baby after a bath or before bedtime.

  •  Reusable Food Bags/Pouches

As your baby grows older, its appetite will also increase. Feeding your child on-the-go will become an integral part of your routine. So invest in reusable food pouches or sandwich bags to easily store finger foods and snacks. These bags allow you to easily carry food items anywhere without plastic chemicals leaking into your child’s food. Using reusable food pouches will  help you save a couple of bucks while protecting the environment.

  • Organic Baby Swaddle

As a parent, you want to be sure that the material you wrap your child in is safe and organic,  free of allergens and irritants, and  good for the environment. Tucking your little one in an organic cotton swaddle  keeps your baby warm and secure and prevents any kind of startling. This will result in an undisturbed sleep, for both you and your baby.A comfortable organic swaddle is a proven way to let your baby sleep soundly.

 Today, more and more parents are opting to use  non-toxic and eco-friendly baby products.They feel that choosing  these types of products is the best gift they can give to their child, while  ensuring that they will grow up in a safer and cleaner world.

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