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Gautam Menon is an amazing Indian film director, producer, and screenwriter and if you love his body of work there is plenty of his movies available here. Watch aha movies to access a lot of movies directed by him.

For those of you who are not familiar with Gautam Menon, he has a long and impressive career in the movie industry where he has directed various movies in different Indian dialects, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil movies.

A lot of the films that are directed by him have received a huge number of positive reviews from film critics. The majority of his movies that have received good feedback are found in the romantic and thriller movie genre.

With that being said, we have recommended 2 movies that are directed by Gautam Menon that may interest you or even turn you into a new fan if you are not already one. And there are many more telugu films, click here.

1.     Yentavadu Gaani

Yentavadu Gaani is the Telugu version of the movie Yennai Arindhaal which is the Tamil version of the movie. The movie is an action thriller type of movie where Gautam Menon has done an amazing job of showcasing the story in such an engaging way.

The movie follows the story of a cop named Satyadev (Ajith) where he found himself in a sticky situation with a criminal named Victor (Arun Vijay) in a cafe and got injured for it but managed to subdue him.

The movie then shows a similar incident that happened to Satyadev’s father in the past, where he’s father got killed at a coffee shop which made Satyadev make the decision to go undercover and infiltrate the gang that is behind the criminal Victor.

2.     Gharshana

Gharshana is yet another movie that is of the crime fiction genre.

The movie is about a police officer Ramachandra IPS (Daggubati Venkatesh) who was an orphan; Ramachandra does not trust the judicial system and prefers to deal with criminal by his own means.

However, Ramachandra then found himself in big trouble when he killed Das (Yog Japee) who is a leader of a criminal family. After Das got killed, his brother Panda (Salim Baig) decided to take revenge on Ramachandra targeting all his love ones.

These, are the 2 movies that you should go and check out if you are interested in learning more about Gautam Menon’s work or looking to watch a movie directed by Gautam Menon if you haven’t already seen them.

If you have already seen these movies, however, you can still check out more movies that are directed by Gautam Menon as well as other genres of Telugu movies on aha movies and stream them here as well.

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