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Best Heart Transplant Hospital


A heart transplant is a critical treatment procedure, and the outcome of the surgery cannot be predefined for all the patients. Moreover, all the patients do not respond similarly to the operation. Every patient has a different reaction to the surgery. So, we cannot generalize the outcome of the treatment and the number of years a patient would survive after the heart transplant surgery.

Moreover, if you expect the satisfactory results of the treatment, you must opt for the Best Heart Transplant Hospital where you can find not only the updated technologies but the best cardiac surgeons too. If you are specific about your selection, then there are higher chances that you live a longer life.

The average life for a heart transplant patient is two to ten years, and even more. Various factors affect the possible life of the patient after heart transplant surgery. Continue with the good read to know more about the same.

Factors affecting the life of the patient after the transplant:

The life of the patient after the heart transplant depends on the below-mentioned conditions.

  • The first thing that determines the life of the patient after the heart transplant procedure is the age of the patient. Most of the patients who undergo the treatment before the age of 30 years, and they do not suffer any other issues other than heart disorders live for even 15 years or more if they follow the instructions of the doctor. If the age of the patient is in between 30 to 45 years, then too, the patient can survive for 5 to ten years and more, if they do not suffer any other health disorder.
  • Apart from that, what matters for the better living after the heart transplant is that the patient shall be medically fit otherwise. The patient who does not suffer any disorder in other parts of the body lives a longer life compared to those who have other sufferings too.
  • Now, after the heart transplant, it is the duty of the patient that they should maintain a healthy heart. For that, it is required that you should add a daily exercise routine and should maintain a balanced diet. The more conscious you are about the discipline in your life, the better you can manage your body.
  • Immunosuppressants and other drugs are essential to take after the heart transplant procedure. It is because the immune system of the body does not accept a foreign organ easily. So, missing on the drugs can be a risk for the patient. So, make sure you take all the prescribed medicines on time. 

Final Words:

Surgeons and heart specialists at the Best Heart Hospital in India recommend the patients for a periodic checkup after the heart transplantation. During the diagnosis procedure, the doctor checks if the heart is functioning well in the body or are there any chances of the post-surgical complications. Following the follow-up care schedule, one can get over the risks in the initial stages, rather than making it complicated to unacceptable levels.

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