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At present people think about sending their children to school once they reach 18 months. This means, even when they are a toddler the bell rings for them to enter a routine. But of course these are not the regular school but they are the special schools designed only for the toddlers and are known as the play schools.

These schools are more about playing and having fun and they hardly have anything to do with studies. Hence a parent can often question that why there is at all a need to send the kids to a play school. Or is this really necessary to send them to a school at this age? Well, these questions should have clear answers to the parents before they start looking for a play school in sector 48 Gurgaon for their kids.

The very first thing that has to be clear to the parent is the concept of a play school and what exactly it is. Here is the answer. It is a school which is specially designed for toddlers who can spend a few hours under the guidance of expert teachers and learn new things. Under their guidance they can also start learning how to read and write but that is totally basic and nothing is stressed here. A lot of parents decide to send their child to a play school because there they learn some social behaviors which can be really important in near future.

There are a lot of benefits to send a kid to a play school. The primary one is to make them aware of a situation which is not familiar to them. At home they are always surrounded by own people like parents and other family members. They also tend to get a lot pampered and get away with whatever they want. But when they go to a play school they get to meet new people. They are surrounded by kids of the same age group with whom they learn to mix and play. Also at a play school they get to play with things that are age appropriate and these toys help in stage development as well. They get to play with things which can actually become a part of their learning process as well. Hence they learn and grow at the same time.

Going to a proper play school means the kid also learns how to keep an eye on their own possessions. They get to learn on how to keep things like school bags, tiffin box and water bottles on their own. Not only that, they also learn how to eat on their own during lunch break, how to go to the bathroom and other basic behaviors which become a necessity when they go the secondary school next.

The parents can look for nearby pre play schools in Gurgaon if they are staying there. This is because there is no need to send the kids far away at the very beginning. Let them get used to the concept before doing that.

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